The vacuum tray is blister, Tray or tray for short,
which is produced with thermoforming of PP, PS,
PET, PVC, PET-C and other high polymer
materials; the products are used for transporting
the semi-finished and finished electronic and
electric products, computers, semi-conductors,
IC, memories, LED panels, LCD panels. On
account of its favorable feature of environmental
protection and 100% recovery rate and low cost,
the product is widely used in packaging and
transporting various products. The product can
be processed for cushion packaging and
transporting all kinds of semi-finished and
finished computers and electronic devices.
Supporting tray for various touch screens, IC, FPC
Trays for auto parts
Trays for display screen of
46” Circulating polaroids
PP 10/mm
mobile phone
Tray PS white 2.0/mm
PET white 0.8/mm antistatic
Trays for small-size LCD
Trays for DDR2 RAM
Screens of aerobic instruments
Display Screen
PS black 1.8/mm conductive
1650*870 ABS natural color4.5/mm
PS black 1.0/mm antistatic
Upper cover PET 1.0/mm
Environment prevention:Renewable and waste-free materials are utilized. The high polymer materials which are
used can be 100% recycled.
Excellent cushioning effect:The structure of the products is designed in line with the customers’ needs to
achieve the best results, which can save space of circulation and transport.
Easy molding:The period between the design and finished mould is short, which is conformity with the market
change of small quantity and great variety. The competitiveness thus is improved.
Multipurpose:The products are applicable to the semi-finished and finished electronics, electric products,
computers, semiconductors, IC, memory, which can meet the strict quality and transport requirements of the high-end
precision products.High weatherability: The high polymer materials can resist the temperature variation of -20~+80,
which is oil and corrosion resistance.
Improve efficiency:The vacuum tray is specially designed for the products. Therefore, the tray is suitable for the
packaging of single or common products, which can simplify the process and transport of the products, increase the
value of the products, reduce the defective rate during the manufacturing process and be reused many times.