Pearl cotton, PP corrugated container
Pearl cotton (polyethylene), EPE for short, is
a kind of white expanded plastic foam PE.
The material is applied to the surface
protection. After lamination, the material can
be processed into the cushion package for
various semi-finished and finished computers
and electronic instrument with the best
protective effects in land transportation.


PP corrugated container materials
This kind of material is mainly used as the
substitute of cartons, which is recoverable
and reusable. The material is of moisture
free and indestructibility, The container costs
much lower than carbons in circulation and
Thickness of the material: normal size: 3mm,
4mm, 5mm.
Environmental friendly:without CFC foam, no dark smoke when burning. The material
is totally recoverable with excellent environmental protection quality.
Excellent cushion effect:independent bubble structure, excellent quality of heat
.insulation and smoke proof. It can achieve the best cushion effect with minimal sizes.
Easy molding:It can be molded into packing products of various shapes, which can
reduce the cost of materials and the circulation expenditure.
Multi-purpose:It is applicable to the electronic and computer industry, sports
apparatus, hardware industry etc. and wrapping aluminium foil, antistatic PE coating, bags
and so on. The products possess uvioresistant, moisture free and dustpro of
High weatherability:The products have extremely high performance of oil resistance
and chemical resistance, which are applicable in the temperature variation of
-20~+80.The product can withstand repeated impact loads at the same point: the
compressive strain rate of EPE is the lowest in those of the same packing materials. The
materials can withstand repeated impact loads at the same point, which is suitable for the
long distance transport of precision instrument, computers and electronics.