Telung Polylong Co., Ltd. was established, which was specialized
in producing Plolylong (EPS).
Telung acquired land in Taiwan Kaohsiung Dafa Industrial District,
and was renamed as : Telung Polylong Co., Ltd.
Telung invested in establishing Zhongshan Dafang Packing
Materials Co., Ltd. in Zhongshan, Guangdong.
The company passed the ISO 9002 International Quality
Recycling the environmental protection resources and various
    plastic products.
The company acquired land to set up its plant, specializing in
recycling plastic products.
Jiangsu Delung Packing Materials Co., Ltd. was established in
    Suzhou, Jiangsu.
Production lines of EPS CUP was set up.
12/2009 Establish the production lines of PS, PP, and hard cloth materials.
Production lines of EPS CUP was set up.
Production lines of PS, PET, sheets, coils and precision cutting.
  Taiwan Telung Packing Materials Co., Ltd., which was established in 1978, with a history of nearly 30 years, has been
  producing and manufacturing polylong (EPS) plastic foam materials, vacuum trays with high polymer materials (PP, PET,
  PS,ABS) (blister for short), supplying with food, toys, electronics, electric appliance and auto parts and supplies. With 30
  years’ experience of operation and development, advanced equipment and the richest experience, the company has
  become a member of the Recycling Association incorporated by Taiwan EPA. The production of the company includes a
  wide rank from raw material production, manufacturing and printing to marketing, service providing, cost reduction,
recycling packing wastes, recovery and full resource utilization, which is a qualified specified plant of EPA.

Telung Polylong Co., Ltd..
Add: 27 Huashi Street, Dafa Industrial District, Daliau Shiang, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
TEL:886-7-7872222 (ext. 6)
Mobile: 0919627963
Contact: Ms. Xie

    ZHONGSHAN DAFANG PACKING MATERIALS CO.,LTD., established in Zhongshan City, Guanggong in 1998, is
  specialized in diversified operation of producing EPE, EPS, Styrofoam, plastic foamed production, high polymer materials
  (PVC, PP, PET, PS) etc, further processing of vacuum molded plastic (Tray) and recycling. Dafang passed the ISO 9002
International Quality Certification in 2001. The company provides the customers with a wide range of service including
design drawing and drop test, which is swift, effective and convenient. The whole operation of the company covers a
series of service from design, completion to sample presentation saves the time and talent resources for the company.
Taiwan Telung Packing Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 1978, and has been producing expandable polystyrene
(EPS) materials, high polymer materials (PP, PET, PS, ABS).

Add:Changmingshui Industrial Zone, Wuguishan Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
Mobile: 13702353600
Contact: Mr. Zhuang

    SUZHOU TELUNG PACKING MATERIALS CO., LTD., which was established in 2006, is specialized in producing vacuum
  molded plastic (Tray) EPE and further processing plastic foamed materials (PVS, PP, PET, PS) for corrugated containers. The
  company enjoys diversified operations. Suzhou Telung passed ISO 9002 International Quality Certification and ISO 14000
  Environmental Protection Certification in 2006. The company is providing the costumers with a series of services including
drawing, mould making, completion to sample presentation. The company integrates the Taiwan technical management and
serves the vast costumers in East China.

Add:3 Shengxing Road, Dongwu Industrial Zone, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, Jiangsu
Mobile: 139-1356-7930
Contact: Mr. Zhuang


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