Polystyrene, EPS for short, is a white

expanded material with air as bulking
agent, which is one of widely used
packing materials.
EPS cushioning package for LCD, TV
Excellent cushioning effect:The package can contain the products in a certain bulk to absorb shocks and dispersive
Easy molding:Mold forming can be shaped into various forms with aluminum moulds, which enjoy high stability.
Excellent thermal insulation effect:The materials can be applied to the refrigerators and partition boards. On account
of excellent effect and low price, the products are widely used in the road engineering around the world.
Recoverable:The products of our company can be totally recycled, which causes no white pollution.
High weatherability:The products can be applied to a temperature variation of -20~+80, which are applicable in all
conditions without deformation.
Special processing:The products can be made into antistatic materials and products of super high density, which can
be used for precision electronics.
  Packing case for glass EPS+PS Tray materials   various heat preservation boxes of Polystyrene
Polystyrene container 1000, 750, 500cc printed cups for cold drink